Security America Celebrates 35 Years of Business and Unveils Special Logo

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Matthew Price
Security America Marketing Assistant
HQ: Charleston, WV:304-925-4747 Ext. 105
Toll Free: 888-832-6732

 Security America Celebrates 35 Years of Business and Unveils Special Logo

 (Charleston, W. Va.)  January 17, 2017

Security America, Inc., the largest West Virginia based security officer company, achieved a milestone in 2017 by celebrating its 35th anniversary in business.

Security America unveiled a special 35th anniversary logo.  Pictured below:  CEO/President Bill Signorelli, CPP; Vice President/Owner Chris Signorelli; and City of Charleston Mayor Danny Jones.  Security America plans to further grow and strengthen its business in 2017 while especially focusing on their newest office in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Company CEO/President Bill Signorelli, CPP, remarked, “Security America has achieved this great milestone through its hard working security officers, staff, clients, and vendors over the years.  We pride ourselves in providing a professional, quality security service, so our customers can focus on their core business.  These values have been our focus since day one and will be carried over the next 35 years as my son, Chris, leads Security America.”

About Security America, Inc: Security America is a leading loss-prevention company providing uniformed security officers, security consulting, and investigating services to various industries and businesses in a multi-state area. The company was founded in Charleston, W.Va. in 1982 by CEO/President T. William Signorelli, who is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP). The company maintains its corporate office in Charleston and also has branch offices in Pittsburgh and Columbus.  For more information, visit our website: .


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National Security Alliance Newsletter

Check out the National Security Alliance Newsletter that Security America is a proud member.  The National Security Alliance (NSA) is a network of locally owned and operated contract security companies who work together to provide customers with quality contract security services through-out the United States and Canada.

NSA Newsletter

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Tribute Message to Jack Buckalew from President Bill Signorelli

Jackie R. Buckalew 1932 – 2016

All of us at Security America will miss our friend and our mentor Jack Buckalew.  He had a wonderful career and family life.  Mr. Buckalew served his country in the Navy during the Korean War, his city at Chief of the Charleston Police Dept., and his state as a member and Superintendent of the West Virginia State Police, as well as a State Senator.  Jack was a member of the SACS consulting team for us in the late 1990’s, and remained in touch ask we ask for his guidance.  He was the essence of true professionalism.

I first befriended Col. Buckalew when he was the Commandant of the WV State Police Academy when I worked as the WV Dept. of Corrections assistant training director as the academy in 1977.  We remained friends and professional associates over the years.  Jack was of the utmost integrity, and carried that with him in all that he did. He has joined his wonderful wife, Eula, in heaven. Our heart and prayers go out to Jack’s family and love ones from all of us in the Security America family.


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Eagle Express Newsletter 16-2-65

Security America Inc Eagle Express 16-2-65

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Security America Helps Improve Security at Thomas Health System

Attached is a letter from Dan Lauffer, CEO of Thomas Health System:Letter from Thomas Hospital

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National Security Alliance Newsletter

Click below to check out the latest National Security Alliance newsletter with an article on President Bill Signorelli being recognized by the Charleston Area Alliance:

NSA Newsletter

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Security America Joins National Security Alliance

For immediate release 11/18/14


Chris Hart

Security America, Inc., Marketing Assistant

HQ: Charleston, WV: 304-925-4747 Ext. 201

Toll Free: 888-832-6732




(Charleston, W.Va.) November 18, 2014 — Security America’s endeavor for continued growth has prompted the company to join the National Security Alliance.  The National Security Alliance (NSA) is a network of locally owned and operated contract security companies who work together to provide customers with quality contract security services through-out the United States and Canada.

This unique alliance provides its customers with a local owner/operator that has years of experience, a proven track record, strong local recognition and longstanding ties to the community in which they live and work in. The National Security Alliance has fourteen member-partners that service a 48-State area.

The member companies of the National Security Alliance met for their annual meeting in conjunction with the ASIS International Annual Seminar & Exhibits. T. William Signorelli, CPP, Presidentdelivered a presentation to the members for consideration of being accepted as a member of the Alliance. All present were impressed by the presentation of Security America and our company was unanimously accepted intoNational Security Alliance.

Check out the Kuty Associate Newsletter for pictures:

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Mobile Utility Buildings for Sale

Security America is selling some mobile utility buildings attached with a trailer for easily transport.  Buildings have multiple uses like being used as guardhouses, ticket booths, hunting shelters, concession stands, etc.  They are powered by a generator or electric hook up.  Building size is 7′ x 9′ and also a few 8′ x 10′.  Here is a link with pictures and more information:

Contact us at (727) 254-7784 for more information and an appointment to look at these.

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Security America offers Active Shooter Safety Training

As the threats to maintaining a trouble-free worksite increase, so should your commitment to provide security and safety training, a vital component of staff development. Security America offers classes and hands-on training that will be completely customized to your specific needs, site, profession and level of prior staff knowledge.

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Surviving an Active Shooter

Issue: 01-14-112


Surviving An Active Shooter Event


As we start out the new year of 2014, this issue of Security America’s Security Update is going to address a serious topic that has been in the news several times the past few years; workplace, or public location, terroristic incidents in the form of mass shootings. In doing this, we are drawing our material from a popular training video, entitled “RUN, HIDE, FIGHT” that was recently produced by the City of Houston, Texas as part of a United States Department of Homeland Security grant project. The video is accessible to you on YouTube and is currently being shown to office and industrial employees across the nation as a component of corporate safety and security training. It is in recognition of the seriousness and timeliness of this issue that we wish to share this training message with all of you.


Skeptics have pointed out that the odds of finding yourself in an incident of workplace violence are similar to those of being stuck by lightening; the odds of being killed by a fellow employee are about 1 in 2,000,000; and the odds of being killed by a terrorist are approximately 1 in 20,000,000. The point seems to be that since you are not very likely to find yourself in an active shooter event, don’t be concerned about it. Those of us in the safety and security professions take a rather different view of life. We understand that unwanted or negative experiences can happen to any of us at any-time and that preparation and planning will mitigate, or even help us avoid, the possible damage from such occurrences. Information from the referenced video follows:


Unfortunately, bad, desperate, or unstable people will, on occasion, do bad things. Their motivations will vary greatly and the potential warning signs are different, may be hard to recognize, or may not be there at all. If such a person enters your workplace with a weapon, for example a firearm, with the intent to indiscriminately use it, an “Active Shooter Event”, your survival may depend upon whether or not you have prepared and have a plan of action for such a situation. The plan doesn’t have to be complicated. Actually, there are three things you could do that make a difference: Run – Hide – Fight!


First and foremost, if you can get out – do! RUN when there is an active shooter in your vicinity:

·         If there is an escape path, attempt to evacuate

·         Evacuate whether others agree or not

·         Leave your belongings behind

·         Help others escape if possible

·         Prevent others from entering the area

·         Call 911 when you are safe


If evacuation is not possible, find a place to HIDE:

·         Lock and/or blockade the door

·         Turn out the lights

·         Silence your cell phone

·         Hide behind large objects

·         Remain very quiet

Your hiding place should:

·         Be out of the shooter’s view

·         Provide protection if shots are fired in your direction

·         Not trap or restrict your options for movement


As a last resort, and only if your life is in danger – FIGHT!

·         Attempt to incapacitate the shooter

·         Act with physical aggression

·         Improvise weapons

·         Commit to your actions


If you find yourself in this type of event, try to remain aware of your environment and at any point always have an exit plan. Remember that in an incident like this, the event is unpredictable and may evolve quickly. Victims are generally chosen randomly, as they make themselves available to the shooter’s attention.


When law enforcement arrives be aware that the first responders are not there to evacuate or tend the injured, they are there to stop the shooter.

·         Remain calm and follow instructions

·         Keep your hands visible at all times

·         Avoid pointing and yelling

·         Know that help for the injured is on the way


The point of all of the above is that your actions can make a difference for your safety and survival – Be Aware – And Be Prepared.




Your October 2013 issue of the Security Update, on a similar topic, closed with the admonition that as a professionally trained safety and security employee of Security America, Inc., you have received instruction in being alert to, and recognizing, risk at your assigned work site. You know to refer to your Security Officer’s Manual and the specific Operational Procedures/Post Orders for your location. This issue of the Security Update presents a variant on violence in the workplace and suggests a different approach to preparation, discussion, planning, and training. If additional information or assistance is desired by you or by the client where you are assigned, alert your supervisor for discussion and possible follow-up with the site owner/manager and the experienced safety/security expertise available at the Security America, Inc. Central Office.




Law Enforcement Administration Lectures, West Virginia State University, Dr. C.B. Whyte, 2013

Private Security Lectures, West Virginia State University, W. R. Whyte, 2013

Security Officer’s Manual. Security America Inc. 2006 (revised)


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