Valuable Security Resources & Providers


We team with many nationally acclaimed companies and service providers to expand the range of resources that will meet your specific and comprehensive security needs. We use only those companies who are leaders—and experts—in their respective fields and who meet our strict standards for performance, quality and reliability.


is a world-class training organization that specializes in safety consulting for all industries with an emphasis on working safely and effectively in manufacturing, transportation, aviation, food processing, mining and construction. Supplying safety-minded workforces and creating highly productive workplaces is our shared objective with FDRsafety.

ensures the availability of specially trained security officers and other highly qualified staff for situations such as strikes, labor disputes, plant closures, executive protection, crisis management, disaster response, etc. Large or small forces of professionals who are trained in emergency response, non-confrontational methods and other specialties can be dispatched to either remote or city center locations.

Lauttamus Communications
is a national supplier and distributor of a wide range of the latest in electronic security products. We combine our assessment of your security needs with their expertise in technology to determine the best security solution for you in terms of cost, integration of existing systems and overall efficiency.

National Security Alliance is a network of locally owned and operated contract security companies who work together to provide customers with quality contract security services through-out the United States and Canada. This unique alliance provides its customers with a local owner/operator that has years of experience, a proven track record, strong local recognition and longstanding ties to the community in which they live and work in.